Professional Building Material Manufacturer

         With a convenient transportation, Anhui Hanhua Building Materials Co., Ltd is located in Langxi Industrial Park , which is the connection of these 3 provinces : Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui .Built in 1992, the whole factory takes an area of 120,000 square meters . The workshops ( some are still being built ) have covered 100,000 square meters . Owning about 400 employees, it lists in new over-the-counter market, and the code is 834323.We specialize in manufacturing vinyl flooring, WPC flooring and SPC flooring . Owe to 4 calendars for PVC based material, 48 hot-embossing machines ,6 extrusion machines for WPC ,and 6 production lines for SPC, the monthly capacity can arrive about 300 containers ,so that 10,000,000 square meters flooring are finished in one year.


        Because of a big area and equipments , our R&D department has developed a number of new products . We have near 30 Chinese patents in Vinyl flooring, WPC flooring and SPC flooring. Balanced layer first appeared on the back of our WPC flooring , it echoes with the wear layer in the upper layer .This structure makes the floor plank become much more stable .In the same time , the plank would not curl . Combinated with multi-layers by hot pressing , SPC is consist of 3 layers : wear layer and flim layer , SPC layer in the middle and vinyl layer in the back .There is not any glue between these 3 layers , so that the resistance strength of peeling and the evenness of the plank have been improved greatly .In order to increase the quality and class of the floor, some EIR surfaces are done during the hot-pressing
SPC floor with bamboo veneer and wood veneer have been developed recently . The surface has been UV coated , so the plank is waterproof and fire-resistant . And also the plank looks like natural .

Workshops & Equipments